Devil was one of a race of 'Devils' who inhabited Tropica, a region of Homeworld's Jungle Zone in the Microverse. he and his companion Fireflyte joined the Micronauts on their quest to find the three keys which could supposedly save the Microverse from destruction, and he remained with the team after Fireflyte's death when they were forced to flee to Earth to escape the insane King Argon. Devil was an amiable character as a rule, but could fly into fits of violent rage which only Fireflyte could calm, and following her death and an attack which seared his fur black, he became feral. Devil later died at the hands of one of the mutated race known as the Soul Survivors, but a new Fireflyte rose from his body, the first indication his teammates had that Devils and Fireflytes were two stages of the same life cycle. After the second Fireflyte perished in the final battle with Baron Karza, Devil was reborn, supposedly the only new life form on the by now devastated Homeworld. He eventually managed to track down the Micronauts again, but was not able to rejoin them as when he attempted to teleport to their location his signal was scrambled and unable to reform. He spent several months trapped as a disembodied transporter pattern held within Biotron II's circuits, and when he was eventually reincorporated by the Micronauts he had been possessed by an entity of pure pain and rage. Huntarr was forced to kill him in order to end his agony, and Fireflyte was reborn once more.[citation needed]

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