Unlike Earth-78411 which is an alternate reality from Earth-616, the adventures of Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur apparently happened during Earth-9997's prehistoric era. Devil Dinosaur is apparently a species of Dinosaur that was not wiped out by the Watcher's creation of the Moon or any of the Celestial Hosts visits.

If his past adventures of Moon-Boy mirror Earth-78411 is unknown, since Earth-9997 is ultimately a divergence of Earth-616 (although the exact point of divergence is unknown) Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur's adventures in the modern era remain unexplained. On Earth-9997 it's entirely possible that they either came from an alternate reality much like their Earth-78411 counterparts, or perhaps are simply time travelers from Earth-9997's past.

Through unrevealed circumstances, Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur would end up on the Blue Area of the Moon of Earth-9997 where they would perish. Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur's bones can be found among the ruins of the Blue Area. The exact circumstances of how Devil Dinosaur ended up on the Moon and the details of his demise remain unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Devil Dinosaur of Earth-78411.

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