Quote1 One of our potential recruits is... chewing on a building. Quote2
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Devil Dinosaur was recently captured on film.

He was later mentioned by Administrator Pepper Potts as a possible recruit for Avengers Academy.

Devil Dinosaur eventually become a partner of Moon Girl and they fought crime together.

Monsters Unleashed

When Fin Fang Foom was release by Kang from the time fog where he had been trapped for a while, he decided to launch a globe wide attack using various monsters that answered to him due to Foom's mind control powers.

Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl tried to stop the dragon, but Devil Dinosaur ended up being controlled by Fin Fang Foom and Moon Girl was caged. Moon Girl was freed by the Avengers Academy heroes, who then helped her break Fin Fang Foom's control over Devil Dinosaur.

Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl joined the Avengers Academy and helped fight off Fin Fang Foom's army of monsters. [1]


Seemingly those of the Devil of Earth-78411.

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