Quote1 Who but Devil stands above the forest trees? Is there a creature that walks, crawls, or flies who does not bow to your rule?! Quote2
-- Moon Boy

Appearing in "Devil's War!"

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Synopsis for "Devil's War!"

After nearly falling for the trap set by the Killer-Folk, Devil Dinosaur, crashes into the spikes, using his momentum and immense weight to break them without damaging himself. As Seven-Scars' plan failed he resorts to his backup and buries Devil Dinosaur in a mountain of rubble he gets the Killer-Folk to drop on him. Presuming Devil dead, Seven-Scars takes Moon-Boy captive and takes him to the cave of Long-Legs as a sacrifice. When they leave, Devil manages to free himself from the rubble, exhausted but alive, but before he gets time to recover he is attacked by an Iguanodon. A short battle ensued which Devil eventually won, and began tracking down Moon Boy to Long-Legs cave. Back at Long-Legs cave, Moon boy has been tied up and is about to be attacked by the aforementioned Long-Legs but is rescued by Devil wielding a flaming branch from the Burned Valley. He sets fire to some grass trapping the Killer-Folk in a circle of fire and rescues Moon Boy and steps on Seven-Scars, who tries to stop their escape killing him. The rest of the killer folk are pushed back into the cave and are all attacked and presumably killed by Long-Legs, Devil and Moon Boy leave while a Mysterious figure watches them.

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