Quote1.png Am I to waste this day with such encounters?! Must I tear this valley from its roots before it yield what I have come to claim?! Quote2.png
-- The Giant

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  • Small-folk (Mentioned)


Synopsis for "Giant"

After being woken up in the middle of night by a loud strange sound, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy go to investigate a strange figure whose encouraged on them sleeping. After giving chase, a giant rock is hurled at Devil throwing him off balance, a feat which no living creature should be able to do. Continuing the search Moon-Boy sees a figure that is bipedal with a Thunder-Horn Head. The next morning Moon-Boy leaves alone and finds the figure, turning out to be a Giant humanoid wearing a mask, fighting Bone-Back. After defeating Bone-Back, the Giant calls out Ruka and Moon-Boy attempts to leave but is captured by another figure. Meanwhile, Devil Dinosaur has discovered Moon Boys disappearance and follows a trail of dinosaur body's to the Giant. When he meets up with The Giant, a battle ensues but both seem equally matched so Devil attempts to lure The Giant to a bog. The Figure who captured Moon Boy is revealed to be a much smaller Giant figure, escaping his captive Moon Boy leads the younger Giant to the same bog that Devil is at, just as the Giant is tricked into falling in. Moon Boy then reveals that Th younger giant is the other ones cub and they proceed to rescue the giant from the bog and he leaves with his son in arms, with a truce between the Big Ones and Devil Dinosaur been formed.

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