Quote1 If this Devil-Beast is as clever as you say, White-Hair, then let him show us how to defeat these sky demons! Quote2
-- Stone-Hand

Appearing in "Journey To The Centre Of The Ants!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




  • Land Crusher


  • Sky Demons spaceship

Synopsis for "Journey To The Centre Of The Ants!"

Moon-Boy finds himself locked in a glass case, and the aliens knock him unconscious in order to further investigate his intelligence and its future potential. Meanwhile, Devil Dinosaur, White-Hair and Stone-Hands are on there way to the Tower of Death when they are attacked by two of the aliens. Using a geyser, Devil seemingly kills them and they carry on there journey, he in fact has only destroyed one of them and as they arrive at the tower the second one catches up and attempts to kill the trio again. Just as the alien begins to charge up he is destroy by Swarmers, which are giant ants that have the tower as there home.

Retruning to the ship, Moon-Boy is still being experimented on and the aliens find that he has the greatest intelligence potential of all the races they have analysed. Worrying about the same potential for intelligence possible in Devil, they send out a land crusher to destroy him.

Back with Devil and the others, the swarmers have begun there attack on the trio for trespassing, and climbing onto the back of the Devil. They all head inside the tower with White-Hair speculating that Devil had done this before as he is largely able to avoid the bulk of swarmers. Just as they are discovered by the Swarmers, the land crusher destroys the tower, which sends the Swarmers into a frenzy and they attack the crusher destroying it, with the swarmers then carrying onto the spacecraft. Leaving the trio alone, tired and weary from there ordeal.

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