Quote1 This calls for a program of extinction! All Hominids will be sterilized or destroyed! Quote2
-- Unnamed Sky-Demon

Appearing in "Eve!"

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  • Sky Demon's Spacecraft

Synopsis for "Eve!"

Leaving Devil Dinosaur to recover, Stone-Hand hears a female cry out and finds the Forest-Folk, Eev being attacked by a couple of swarmers. After failing to rescue her, the pair are saved by Devil who doesn't kill the swarmers much to the annoyance of Eev. Eev had gone to the tower of death for the swarmers food, while they eat they observe the swarmers heading towards the spacecraft of the Sky Demons.

Inside the craft, the aliens have concluded that Moon Boy and his race are too risky to let them evolve into there full potential so take him away to killed and one of the aliens orders the extinction of all Hominids. Before anything can be done however, the swarmers begin to destroy the spacecraft allowing Moon Boy to escape.

Devil and the trio of Homorids observe the ships destruction and Devil, assuming Moon Boy has perished, leave the three in sadness. Stone-Hand then proclaims Eev is his wife but she flat out refuses but stone-hands will not listen, ignoring the pleas of White-Hair and Eev.

Moon Boy, tries to flee the ship but is nearly crushed by all the escaping dinosaurs so is one of the only creatures left when the ship explodes like a nuclear bomb. Leaving behind a device that calls itself the prime computer. Fearing for his life Moon Boy flees looking for Devil being nearly eaten by several dinosaurs. Hiding in a cave Moon Boy has flashbacks of him and Devil. It begins to rain just as Stone-Hand, Eev and White-Hair stumble across the Prime Computer, who calls them closer proclaiming he will not harm them.

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