Quote1 You have no need to face any further dangers! I Shall Serve your every need! Quote2
-- Prime Computer

Appearing in "Demon-Tree!"

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  • The plant-eaters


Synopsis for "Demon-Tree!"

Finding Prime computer and the three New Folk, Devil Dinosaur is thrown away by Prime Computer at the praise of Stone-Hand and Eev and eventually is forced to flee due to the computers power. The computer them imprisons the three in a glass dome in order to prevent harm to come to them, Stone-Hand and White-Hair are unhappy about this but Eev is more accepting.

Back with Moon Boy he leaves the cave he was hiding in only to be attacked by a hungry Hopper. Fleeing through the swamps he is nearly crushed by a giant Plant-Eater, but is still unable to escape the Hopper. Just as he is about to be caught he is rescued by Devil and the pair are reunited.

Prime computer has turned the dome prison into a mini paradise, which both Eev and White Hair have come to accept and enjoy. Stone-Hands however, wishes to be free but his attempts to destroy Prime Computer are thwarted. Devil and Moon-Boy eventually return to the computer, finding that White-Hair has died from what later turns out to be radiation poisoning. Feeling the computer lied about there guaranteed safety Stone-Hand, renews his attacks on it. Damaging it, Devil then charges the weakened barrier breaking it, which causes a feedback to the computer and destroys it making the garden disappear and freeing Eev and Stone-Hands. The pair leave proclaim they will never forget what happened and will tell the story to everyone.


This story is a reference to the Garden of Eden, including that the female was called Eev, a slight name change to Eve. The narrator implies that this is what becomes the story of the Garden of Eden.

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