Quote1 I shall have your pelt before that happens! You'll never ride that Devil-Beast again! Quote2
-- Gray Tooth

Appearing in "Dino-Riders"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Small-Folk


  • Riders
    • Fire thrower
    • Gray tooth (Death)
    • Spirit Killer
  • Thunder-Horn
  • Killer-Folk (Mentioned)



  • Odor Bag

Synopsis for "Dino-Riders"

While searching for the Small-Folk (Moon Boy's Tribe), Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy are observed riding together by a pair of Riders, pre-humans who ride dinosaurs. They rush back to there tribe with the intention of returning and capturing Devil and using him as there leaders new mount. Moon-Boy meanwhile, finds the Small-Folk hiding in a cave, still fearful of Devil and the new tribe of riders. Moon-Boy proclaims Devil while protect them, just as a roar from Devil shakes the cave.

Rushing outisde Moon-Boy finds the riders attempting to catch Devil with vines, before too long, Moon-Boy helps free him and they begin a counter-attack on the riders. When there leader, Gray-Tooth appears riding a Thunder-Horn, he charges the pair, which is enough of a distraction for Devil to be pulled to ground and quickly blinded with mud.

Moon-Boy escapes before he can be captured and returns to the Small-Folk to enlist there aid in freeing both Devil and the Valley from the riders. After some consideration the Small-FOlk agree and a plan is set-up. Back with Devil, the riders attempt to break his spirit with a mix of an odor-bag placed over his head and a ritual by The Spirit Killer. Before it is finished however, the small-folk begin there attack, tricking many of there riders to fall to there deaths and into the swamps. Moon-Boy goes to free devil but is stopped by Gray-Tooth, who begins to charge down him on the Thunder-Horn. The sight of which breaks Devil from his stupor and rescues him before chasing down and presumably killing Gray Tooth. The pair leave, tired but together again.

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