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Quote1.png How the mighty do flee before the phantoms of the pits! This Devil-Beast is no different than the other who have come here... Quote2.png
Hag of the Pit

Appearing in "The Witch and the Warp"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Norman
  • Killer-Folk (Mentioned)


Synopsis for "The Witch and the Warp"

After visiting the Hag of the Pits to prove his strength, Devil Dinosaur angers both the Hag and the "spirits" of the pit. Upon trying to leave, Moon-Boy and Devil get lost and one of the pits begins hwoing them strange visions. This confuses Devil who stumble backwards, causing him to fall into one of the pits, Moon-Boy is able to save himself, but Devil falls through an inter-dimensional portal, ending up in Nevada on Earth-616 and in fear, and anger at being attacked begins to destroy the small town.

Moon-Boy is rescued from the edge of the pit, by the Hag and her son, who eventually yield to Moon-Boy pleas to rescue Devil. The trio proceed to a different pit where the hag and her son drop massive rocks into the pit which explode, opening another inter-dimensional portal between there world and Earth-616. Seeing the portal, Devil rushes back through the portal and is reunited with Moon-Boy and the two flee the pits, vowing to never return.

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