The Devil of the Lagoon was a massive octopus that lived in an undisclosed river in the jungles of what is now the Republic of the Congo. The creature preyed on a nearby tribe that lived there, dragging those foolish enough to swim in the creature's water and storing them in an underwater cave to be devoured later.

In 1953, the Devil's tyranny came to the attention of the jungle adventurer known as Lorna the Jungle Queen and her love interest an explorer by the name of Greg Knight. Failing to save one of the natives from the Devil, Lorna promised the locals that she would slay the creature. When Greg protested she convinced the tribes people that Greg was responsible for the Devil's presence near their home and they took him prisoner.

Lorna then slew the Devil in battle and dragged it's carcass to shore to show the people that it was dead. However he could not dissuade the people from slaying Greg in revenge until Lorna was able to locate the captured natives in the Devil's underwater cave. With their people safely returned to them, the tribe let Greg free and he and Lorna were allowed to leave.[1]

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