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Devlin DeAngelo sells weapons and equipment to supervillains. He had never been arrested by the authorities for this, a fact evidenced by his casual introduction of himself to Bruce Banner, the Hulk. DeAngelo's lucky streak ended the day he tried to con Bruce Banner. Telling Banner that he had information related to the guilty party in the poisoning of Betty Banner, DeAngelo offered a trade - Banner's help reprogramming a deadly robot in exchange for the information. However, DeAngelo had neither a means or an intention of following through on this promise, and in revenge, Banner gave the robot a programmed impulse to physically beat up DeAngelo, and then escaped.[1]

Hungry for revenge, DeAngelo tracked down General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, who was searching for the Hulk, and offered his company's services in assisting him. In the end, the search led the duo to the town of Wonderment, NM, where they found the Abomination - ironically, the true culpit in the poisoning - and were found in turn by the Hulk. Unsatisfied with the outcome, Ross arrested DeAngelo and left.[2]


After this, it seems that DeAngelo's career of selling weapons to criminals hit a slump... until he acquired a sponsor. Now apparently back in business, DeAngelo's first customers were the Young Masters of Evil, to whom he sold a crashed HYDRA airship with everything working bar the engines, for use as a HQ. The sponsor was revealed to be Zodiac.[3]


  • DeAngelo's slump in profitability may have been coincident with the events leading up to the Secret War, when the Latverian government began selling advanced technology to supervillains for knock-down prices.

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