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Quote1 I've emptied bank accounts and past diktat through the mouths of leaders. I've made deals in borrowed blood. I've showed you-- you smug $%&@#&$ with your perfect bodies and your polycules and your indifference to death-- I've showed you how fragile your little identities really are. And yet? The simplest explanation never even occurs to you-- It's fun. Quote2

Devon Alomar aka Switch was a "Skinjacker"[2], having the power to "switch" minds between his body and his victim’s one, the perfect spy. He was one of the New Hellions, a team put together by King Bedlam to free an extremely powerful mutant aptly called the Armageddon Man to blackmail the government.[3]


Armageddon Man[]

On the mission with the Hellions, Switch demonstrated to be a very dangerous man, but he kept his secrets, and even his powers were known to King Bedlam only, who intended to use him as a trump card against whoever might have tried to stop him and his team.[1] The New Hellions had already been challenged by X-Force, and King Bedlam intended to neutralize them using Switch: he caught two of them, Domino and Bedlam, who had infiltrated his ranch in Santa Lucia, California, and surprised them by offering membership in his team. While Bedlam called the rest of the team to the ranch to discuss the offer, Switch made his move, attacked Domino and possessed her body, while his own was locked down with Domino’s consciousness into it. While King Bedlam entertained the X-Force with cooperation proposals and offered to them to stay for the night and think about it, "Domino" re-joined her friends, ready to strike. However the true Domino in Switch’s body, who had freed herself in the meanwhile, arrived in the room, exposing the pretender. Things suddenly became much more troublesome.[3]

Siryn used her shriek to literally kick him out of Domino's body, and he came back to his own, unconscious. When he awoke, though, the New Hellions had won, and had subdued X-Force's will thanks to Paradigm's powers, gaining new allies. While the New Hellions moved to the Summerfield Canyon Nuclear Power, the location selected to awaken the Armageddon Man, Switch left for another mission, accompanied by Feral. They tracked down Senator Owen Danville, who not only was the man who had financed Bastion and his Operation: Zero Tolerance, but was also the general who, back in 1959, had witnessed the power of the Armageddon Man and had finally managed to put him down. King Bedlam wanted him to witness the return of the Armageddon Man, so that he could convince the other members of the government to give in to every single request, starting with a billion dollars, just not to release the mutant's destructive power. Switch possessed the Senator Danville's body, and brought him to the Summerfield Canyon, where the X-Force had just placed the Armageddon Man in the vat that would have revived him.[4]

Danville begged his captors to stop, but Switch threatened him to take over his body again, and to commit a murder in front of his friends in Washington, D.C., ruining his life. Even if Tarot betrayed the team and freed X-Force from Paradigm's control, it was too late, and the Armageddon Man was awakened from his dormant state. What became of him, though, Switch never knew: a battle ensued between X-Force and the New Hellions, and Domino immediately went after him, knocking him out before he could claim another body. Whether he woke up in a world dominated by King Bedlam or in the same, usual world, depended on how invincible the Armageddon Man turned out to be.[5]

Legion of X[]

Switch was suspected of causing chaos and trauma on Krakoa, using his powers on unwitting and unwilling people.[6] After he was dealt with, Tumult swapped bodies with Switch. Switch in Tumult's body was then subjected to the law of Arakko. This meant that Arakko had a chance to deem him. He was seen being attacked and seemingly (most likely) murdered by the crowd. Tumult in Switch's body left and said quietly that he was going to explore and continue to cause mischief.[7]



Neuralkinesis: Switch has the ability to mentally displace the frequency range of the alpha wave patterns in someone's mind, switching brain waves between himself and another. This effect allows it so that his mind is in his victim's body and vice versa.[3]

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