Dexter Charne became a paranormal thanks to the White Event, gaining the power to control the mental functions of others. He was friends with Philip Nolan Voigt, who also became paranormal, and the two men decided to set up an institution to secretly recruit others paranormals and train them to be an army that would eventually take control of the country. The men bought a disused sanitarium in Wisconsin and renamed it the Clinic for Paranormal Research. They recruited more staff, and soon other paranormals began to respond to advertisements and check in to the Clinic.[citation needed]

Charne was a key staff member, and actively participated in monitoring the patients, and using his powers to mentally influence them to make them more compliant. At some point, he began a relationship with another paranormal staff member, Tracy Speck. When one therapy group known as the DP7 went on the run from the Clinic, Charne and Speck played a part in bringing them in. When most of the group had been recaptured, Charne used his powers first to help keep them in a dreaming state, and later to mentally influence them not to question the Clinic's authority. However, one patient, Stephanie Harrington's power enabled her to metabolize the drugs she was given too quickly, and when she tried to fight back, Charne tried to use his power on her at the same time as Harlan Hackbarth used his to try to kill her. The resulting mental feedback left both Stephanie and Hackbarth in comas.[citation needed]

After the last of the DP7, Dave Landers, had been captured, Charne attempted to use his power on him to brainwash him, not realizing Landers' mind had had a block put in it by the ESPeople during his time on the run to prevent his mind being tampered with in any way. As a result, Charne's power didn't work and he was knocked out. Landers was incensed when he discovered Harrington, who he was in love with, had been put into a coma and became determined to find out who was responsible. At first, Charne blamed Hackbarth, but Landers suspected Charne as well. After Landers and Randy O'Brien apparently killed Philip Nolan Voigt.[citation needed]

Charne tried to take over the running of the Clinic, but his attempt to influence a vote on the new director didn't work and another man, Craig LaGraves, was appointed the acting director. Charne later went to LaGraves' office and induced a stroke in him using his power, but he was seen leaving the office by the DP7's therapist Dr. Jane Semple. Charne began using his power to influence others to believe Semple was responsible for the attack on LaGraves, and a scared Semple went to Dave and Randy for help. Landers, now realizing Charne was responsible for Stephanie's condition, went to confront Charne. Seeing him approaching on security cameras, Charne told Speck to leave, but she refused, saying she'd stand by him. In the ensuing fight, Charne wildly shot at Landers with a handgun and accidentally shot Speck in the throat, killing her. Landers tried to kill Charne, but before he could, one of Randy's antibodies killed Charne first.[citation needed]

Charne and Speck's bodies were buried in the Clinic's grounds to avoid attention from the police, but a disgruntled former employee and a journalist later exhumed them and informed the police. The subsequent raid on the Clinic shut it down and resulted in the deaths of many patients, staff, and police officers.[citation needed]


Charne had the paranormal power to control the mental functions of others - he could influence their decisions, alter their memories, control their dreams, and even use his power offensively to induce a mental breakdown or stroke.

Strength level

Normal human strength

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