Dhasha Khan was a master warrior and wizard who wanted to return the N'Garai to Earth. He stole Heather Duncan's soul after she had arrived to Feng-Tu, the afterlife of K'un-Lun, and run away from Tuan. He turned her into his slave, the Silver Dragon[1]. With her help, he conquered Feng-Tu[2]. Wanting to obtain the power of the Firebird, he sent warriors to kidnap Jade, but she was defended by Iron Fist[3]. During the fight Khan transported them to Feng-Tu, where Iron Fist was defeated by Silver Dragon[4]. When during a subsequent battle between the two (after Iron Fist had been killed and was now a spirit in Feng-Tu), Silver Dragon was then revealed to be Iron Fist's mother and when she found herself unable to kill him, Dhasha Khan killed her in response. Iron Fist challenged him, but Khan transported them both to Earth, where Iron Fist would only be a spirit and unable to harm him[1]. Through his own willpower, Iron Fist managed to become solid enough to attack Khan who was killed when he fell of a sky-scraper during the battle[5].

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