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Diablo came from an over-crowded world in the Fifth Dimension and spent centuries seeking out a new world for his people to inhabit. Eventually Diablo discovered Earth, landing in Mexico where he was discovered by the Aztec natives. They believed him to be a smoke demon and the rumors of a demon spread throughout the world.

20th century

Famed monster hunter; Ulysses Bloodstone[1] heard the rumors and came to Mexico to determine if they were true. Indeed, he came face-to-face with Diablo who boasted to him about humanity's inability to halt the inevitable invasion of Earth by his people. In a last-ditch effort, Bloodstone lit a cigarette lighter, creating smoke and blew it out again. Seeing this, Diablo believed that humans had the power to create and destroy beings like himself. He then returned to his native dimension vowing never to return to Earth. [2]

Modern Age

Years later, the titan Xemnu created replicates of five monsters which he used to attack the Hulk. These monsters included Diablo as well as Blip, Groot, Goom and Taboo, all of which were destroyed by the Hulk.[3]


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As a being whose body is composed of smoke, Diablo is for the most part immune to conventional arms. He also has the ability to smother others within the smoke of his own body. He has demonstrated an ability to travel between dimensions, and communicate via telepathy.



Diablo seemed to be capable of inter-dimensional and space travel under his own power. However, his people's technology probably had some hand in his ability to move between dimensions.

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