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Roughly in the late 36th century, Apocalypse ascended to power and ruled much of North America unchallenged, for 100 years, where humans and whoever else resistant to his rule could be killed at any moment and the only opposition was a quiet hope and belief in the Twelve (mutants who battled Apocalypse in the modern era), by the Order of the Witnesses, and the Xavier Collective. Apocalypse commanded the Prelates and Canaanite Army and, at some time, sired a daughter, Diamanda Nero, who became a High Counselor and viceroy. However, when Apocalypse became debilitated, burning through host bodies faster and faster, Nero assumed much of his power and position and prelate Luminesca began to visibly resent her authority. After Nero killed the last of the Xavier Collective, prelates Ch'Vayre and Luminesca informed her and Apocalypse of the arrival of a chronal anomaly and Apocalypse began creation of three new weapons to cull the weak, but Nero had to finish, as he was preparing to transfer his essence. Nero attended Apocalypse's Festival of Resurrection, where she encountered "Alyzr’n Summerset" and followed her, to find that Alyzr'n was attempting to kill Apocalypse. Nero informed Summerset that Apocalypse's true location was secret and poisoned her, but she escaped.

Over the next year, Alyzr'n, actually Rachel Summers, gathered followers, under the name Clan Askani, meaning "family of outsiders", and opposed Apocalypse's rule. Becoming tired of the Clan Askani's rebellion, Nero unleashed the deadly mutant Plague on the member Blaquesmith's colony in the Scavenger Colony. After the arrival of the Askani, Nero sent Ch'vayre and Luminesca to battle them, unleashing the humanoid virus Plague while ensuring that Ch'vayre and Luminesca were within its range as well. Luminesca died, but Rachel nullified the pathogen in time to save Ch'vayre's life.

Nero captured Diogenes and Squy'rr, torturing them for information and then wiping-out the the Order of the Witnesses. Nero ambushed the Askani at the headquarters of the Order of the Witnesses, in the old ruins of the Savage Land, and Rachel was forced to release the Phoenix Force, after Nero nearly killed her. Nero quickly absorbed the Phoenix Force, but the total power of the Phoenix Force began to control Nero and she begged Rachel to release it from her. Rachel released the Force into the cosmos and depowered Nero, then left Nero with rations and survival gear.

Powers and Abilities


Power Duplication: She can duplicate the powers of other superhumans (mutant or otherwise) at the moment of their deaths:

  • Enhanced speed.
  • Indestructible exoskeleton.
  • Poisoned claws.
  • Lighting Bolt Projection.
  • Lycanthropy.
  • Telepathic immunity.
  • Phoenix Force.


Diamanda Nero was established as Apocalypse's daughter in the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe - Alternate Universes 2005. Nero possesses similar marks on her lower jaw to those of Apocalypse

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