Diana Lanford was the assistant to Merzah the Mystic, a magician who fought against communist and fascist subversives operating in America during the 1940s. In her only recorded appearance, she assisted Merzah in stopping Japanese spy Satokata Matsu from stealing the plans for a supposedly unsinkable ship. Accepting a challenge to meet Matsu at one of his hideouts, both Merzah and Diana were captured and taken to another location. They were followed by Merzah's chauffeur Jose Abejaron, who accidentally alerted the spies of his presence. While Merzah and Jose went after the fleeing Matsu, Diana stayed behind and beat all of his minions into submission. Ultimately, Merzah caused Matsu to have a fatal car accident, and his minions were turned over to the police.[2]




Diana was a skilled fighter who would handle her own against a small group of well trained spies.

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