The Olympian goddesses brought Diana to life from clay on Themyscira in 1967. Diana grew up in constant rivalry with her foster sister, Ororo. The duo of Ororo and Diana fought crime for a while as a team. The team broke up, however, after the two were forced to compete in a contest for the Amazonian title of Wonder Woman. With her weather-manipulating metamutant powers, Ororo defeated Diana.[1]

Under the surname of "Prince", Diana left her native island to explore "Man's World," serving the Wakandan king for a while. In return, she received a pair of indestructible adamantium bracelets.[2]

Later, Diana traveled to the United States where she found the Punisher dying from wounds in the street. Diana saved his life and the two had a child together named Ryan. Diana and the Punisher split up soon afterward, however, the former couple reunited as a result of their son's kidnapping by the minions of Thanoseid. Diana then appeared in Baton Rouge, seeking Ororo's help.[2]


None known


She is an experienced archer

Strength level

Normal human female who engages in regular exercise; enhanced due to Amazon physiology


None known


Diana's weapon of choice is a collapsible re-curved bow and arrows

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