Quote1 Even if I had the formula – You'd never get it, Mr. Ritton – or should I say Mr. Rat!! Quote2
-- Diane Carson src

Diane Carson is the daughter of Mr. Carson, owner of Carson Explosive Company. When he developed a new form of Super T.N.T., he became the target of Clifton Ritton who was attempting to force Carson to hand over the explosive formula to Martians. Carson was killed in the process, but his death put the formula in the hands of the android Human Torch to deliver to Diane.

Diane was in the process of throwing Mr. Ritton (whom she did not know was involved in her father's murder) out of her office when the Torch arrived to give her the news. She was devastated but continued her father's work in creating the new explosive. Eventually, both Diane and the Torch were captured, and she was tied to a railroad track and threatened with being run down with a locomotive if she didn't give up the formula. The Torch freed the girl and captured Ritton. However, as he was taking Ritton away, Diane learned that the Martians wanted the explosive to defend their world from another alien race, explaining that they were coerced into doing Ritton's bidding. Diane didn't give them the formula, but after relating the story to the Torch and considering the formula was too dangerous on Earth, she had a change of heart and gave it to the Martians.[1]

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