Diane Davids was a lawyer and a resident of Middletown, an isolated town in the middle of the Arizona desert. She got so frustrated with defending criminals, that she once destroyed her client's briefcase and was held in contempt of court. It was the kind of town that no one would miss, which is probably why the Hulk's old enemy Leader decided to expose it to gamma radiation. He hoped some of its inhabitants would survive and join him in his new kingdom of Freehold. Diane was one of only five people to survive a gamma explosion and develop superhuman powers. Diane became Ogress and joined the other four people into forming the Riot Squad. Together, they protected Leader's Freehold base at the time when Leader had contacted a terminal illness. They first clashed with the Hulk when Leader promised to provide him with the information on where Betty Ross was located in exchange for the Hulk killing Madman.

Ogress was with the Riot Squad where they helped the U-Foes distract Hulk and the Pantheon at the time when Leader was meeting with Agamemnon. Hulk and the Pantheon's fight with the U-Foes and the Riot Squad were broken up when Agamemnon reaches an agreement with Leader.

Ogress was present with the Riot Squad when HYDRA invades Leader's base. The resulting conflict caused the death of Soul Man (who was in the middle of reviving Marlo Chandler).

Ogress and Hotshot fought Hulk at the time when Omnibus planned to cause destruction throughout the world and were defeated. Ogress and Hotshot stormed Omnibus' lair and accused him of being behind the Alliance before taking him away.

Ogress and the rest of the Riot Squad worked with the Avengers to shut down the remaining bombs. The Riot Squad then judged Omnibus to be guilty of being behind the Alliance and ended up sentencing Omnibus to death. Ogress and the rest of the Riot Squad left Omnibus in the Arctic to die.


Super-human strength and durability rivaling that of the Hulk.

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