Dianne Ferrule was the daughter of the king and queen of Mita, a world that lived in the atom of a rock located on Bird Nests' Island, Maine. When she was just a baby the world was terrorized by the tyrant named Togaro who sought to rule the land with an iron fist. Fearing for their daughter's life, they used size changing drugs to send her to the world above. There, she was found by the Ferrule family while on a camping trip on the island, and she was adopted by them. She grew up with her foster brother Frank and as adults, they befriended Steve Rogers and James Barnes.

In the spring of 1943, Togaro came to the surface world with his minions seeking to kidnap Dianne. However, Dianne was first found by her fellow Mitan named Ailma who explained to Dianne her origins. They sought the aid of Captain America and Bucky to help liberate Mita from the tyranny of Togaro and developed more size changing drugs to enter the microworld which she originated from.[1]

Fleeing a torrent of acid aboard a size-changing ship piloted by Alt, Dianne was brought back to her home world where she resumed her title as ruler of the land. In this capacity, she had to deal with the capture of Bucky and Ailma by Togaro and the evacuation of Mita when the villain used a device to push the planet into its sun. Using size changing drugs to change the size of the planets population they attempted to flee the world aboard a size changing ship. However, the ship crashed and the resulting explosion killed all aboard except for herself, Frank, and Captain America. They eventually rescued Bucky and Ailma and returned to Earth where Captain America slew Togaro in a final battle. With her homeworld destroyed and people dead, Dianne returned to living with Frank.[2]

Her subsequent fate is unrecorded.


Dianne used size changing drugs to either shrink or grow.

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