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| Origin = [[Homo sapiens|Human]]
| Origin = [[Homo sapiens|Human]]
| PlaceOfBirth =
| PlaceOfBirth =
| Creators = Max Bemis, Jacen Burrows
| Creators = Max Bemis; Jacen Burrows
| First = Moon Knight #190
| First = Moon Knight #190

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After her mother left Eric (her husband), she returned to Marc Spector, who once again operated as Moon Knight out of his Long Island Mansion.[1] They stayed together for a while, but soon agreed to live separate lives, since Marc's lifestyle constantly endangered Marlene's life.[2]

Sometime later, Marc reappeared to Marlene, this time in his Jake Lockley persona, and the two became romantically involved again, having conceived Diatrice during this time.[2] During her childhood, Marlene let her daughter change her name to whatever she liked, so she chose Diatrice.[2]

This was all hidden from Marc's other personalities, till Sun King and Bushman appeared in Marlene's house and discovered the truth, using this secret to manipulate Marc.[2]

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