After Marlene Alraune left her husband Eric Fontaine, she returned to Marc Spector, who once again operated as Moon Knight out of his Long Island Mansion.[1] They stayed together for a while, but soon agreed to live separate lives, since Marc's lifestyle constantly endangered Marlene's life.

Sometime later, Marc reappeared to Marlene, this time in his Jake Lockley persona, and the two became romantically involved again, having conceived a daughter during this time. During her childhood, Marlene let her daughter change her name to whatever she liked, so she chose Diatrice. This was all hidden from Marc's other personalities, until the Sun King and Bushman came to Marlene's house and discovered the truth, using this secret to manipulate Marc.[2]

When Marc confronted the Sun King and Bushman in Marlene's house, a fight broke out. The villains escaped during a moment Marc was distracted protecting Diatrice, taking Marlene with them. Marc took Diatrice to his apartment and bonded with her, additionally revealing that he was her father, since Diatrice only knew Marc as "Uncle Jake."Marc then had his friend Frenchie keep an eye on Diatrice while he went to rescue Marlene.[3] During his final battle against the Sun King, Marc found strength in his love for Diatrice to defeat the villain.[4] Diatrice would submit a drawing to her father Marc called "Diatrice and Daddy" depicting her as a grownup superhero called "Moon Girl" and older versions of her father and mother impressing him. After her father finally defeated the Truth, Diatrice would be around him and her mother Marlene.[5]

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