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Quote1.png This city doesn't need super heroes. It doesn't need people in spandex fighting over cosmic artefact's. In fact, nobody does. What this city, what this world needs, are people who are willing to do what it takes to make a difference by putting their own morality aside. That's the real sacrifice that I made for this city. That I continue to make. Quote2.png
Dick Snerd[src]


During his youth, Dick Snerd was a vigilante in Detroit going by the name Nain Rouge. He eventually lost his faith in masked heroes, and decided to change the city from its foundations. He became a councilman, and continued carrying his double life as Nain Rouge, now a shady masked magnate of a nightclub named Baphomet.[1]

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As Nain Rouge, Snerd secretly hired supervillains Shriek, Firebrand and Pitchfork to wreak havoc across high-risk neighbourhood's, later publicly endorsing the actions of these criminals for targeting what he claimed were crime hotspots.[2] His plan involved the replacement of these slums with businesses that could bring in jobs and money to improve the quality of life of the city.[1]

Snerd first confronted the Great Lakes Avengers as Nain Rouge when he used his club to make noise late at night in front of the GLA's headquarters. Big Bertha spoke to him, but he managed to get in her nerves, causing her to lash out and damage the club, and get arrested.

After being allegedly assaulted by young Good Silva at a press conference, Snerd stepped in to no avail when the GLA's attorney looked into her case and made her a temporary member of the team to clear her of the charges.[3]

A day later, when the Great Lakes Avengers broke into Baphoment to investigate Nain Rogue, they found Snerd passed out drunk in his costume.[4] They brought him to their base and interrogated him. Frustrated that they had no solid evidence to accuse Snerd of his criminal activities, Silva brutally attacked and severely injured him. When the rest of the GLA discovered what went down, they dropped Snerd half-conscious on the steps of a hospital with his Nain Rogue mask and a note that claimed he was a villain.[1]


  • The Nain Rouge (French for "Red Dwarf") is a legendary creature believed to have originated from Normandy with ties to Detroit, originally seen as its protector but later a fiend.

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