Dieter Skul joined the Nazi party on the same day that the stock market crashed in New York City in 1929.[1] He later rose to the rank of general during the Third Reich's rule of Germany and much of surrounding Europe. He was responsible for the capture of US spy Matt Slade III and his subsequent imprisonment.[2]

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General Dieter Skul leading his forces against the Sky-Wolves during World War II

Using the soldiers under his command as well as special agent Steel Kommando, he attempted to fight off the Sky-Wolves, but they managed to break through his defenses to free Slade.[3]

Skul was believed dead by intelligence sources at the end of the war, but he had secretly survived and kept a low profile for the next 14 years. In the late 1950s Skul, along with many other former Nazi operatives, were contacted by a new organization known as ICON to carry out their plot to start a third world war between America and Russia.[4] He was stationed in a castle headquarters in Hassenstadt, Latveria, where he began dating the beautiful Louise Mason. Mason, however, was an American government operative tasked with identifying and neutralizing Nazi war criminals. Recognizing that Skul was only a minor part of a larger plot, Mason tried to uncover more information.[5] Skul caught her eavesdropping on a private conversation and knocked her out of a window into the castle's moat during the ensuing struggle, believing her to have been killed in the fall.[6]

Soon after, he led an army of ICON operatives against the secret African nation of Wakanda in order to pillage its technological innovations, but was opposed by Nick Fury's Avengers, including Mason in her costumed identity of the Blonde Phantom.[1] ICON forces were swiftly defeated by the Avengers, with Skul himself being knocked out by the vengeful Phantom, who kicked him in the face.[4]

General Dieter Skul's subsequent fate remains unrevealed.


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