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The Cobra's true face

The man known as the Cobra was a spy for the Nazis during World War II. By his own accounts, his face was horribly disfigured by Americans; the details of his injury are unknown. By the early days of 1944, he had perfected the art of disguise and used it to assist in his subversive activities.

When a crew of Nazi sailors were captured by the Sub-Mariner during a failed bombing raid of New York, the Cobra assassinated one of the sailors when he was about to compromise the Cobra's identity. Learning that President Roosevelt was sending a written message to Russian leader Joseph Stalin, the Cobra killed the messenger and took his place. Delivering the message, the Cobra learned that Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill asked for Stalin to join in a private meeting at a secret location at sea. The Cobra personally relayed this information to Adolf Hitler who put the Cobra in charge of a wolf pack of U-Boats to destroy the ship.

They were met with opposition from the Sub-Mariner and an army of Atlanteans who destroyed the vessels and took the Cobra into custody.[1] The Cobra's subsequent fate is unknown.


Due to the fact that he is missing one eye, the Cobra does not have depth perception.


The Cobra uses a series of wigs, fake eyes, and prosthetic facial attachments to alter his physical appearance.

Die Brillenschlange & Die Kobra are German words for The Cobra.

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