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Developed by Doctor Nozomu Akatsuki for Stark Industries as a new means to detain Supervillains more securely. While supposed to be controlled via Biocode to prevent misuse, Loki and his allies somehow obtained the biocodes, allowing them to turn the DISKs into a means of releasing villains en masse without any warning.[1]

The DISKs can only be utilized by those who have had the appropriate Biocode installed into their body. This is done with a device called a Biocode Installer, which is built into a metal briefcase.

The DISKs operate by digitizing a person after having them stand in the light generated by the DISK for five seconds. This procedure is called D-Secure. The Disk then changes from grey in color to one of five colors: red, yellow, green, blue, or purple, reflecting the ability of the one stored within it and the Biocode required to use it.

Tech: Tech-based heroes and villains are stored within red DISKs, such as Iron Man and Whiplash. The Tech Biocode takes the form of red, circuit like designs.

Fight: Heroes and villains who use martial skills and physical attacks, or does not fit the other categories are stored in blue DISKs, such as Captain America and Baron Zemo. The Fight Biocode appears to take a form similar to flames.

Animal: Yellow DISKs contain heroes and villains with animal-based powers or motifs, such a Wasp or King Cobra. The Animal Biocode appears similar to curling vines.

Energy: Purple DISKs are used to store those who use mystical or energy-based abilities, such as Thor and Dr. Strange. The Energy Biocode appears similar to lightning.

Power: Green DISKs are reserved for those heroes and villains who possess vast Super Strength, like the Hulk and the Abomination. Finally, the Power Biocode appears to take a wave-like pattern.

To release those stored within the DISKs, they are hurled at the ground while announcing the name of the release procedure, D-Smash. The subject is then released. People with proper Biocodes can release a person indefinitely, but if a Biocode is incomplete, the release lasts only several minutes, after which the person is returned to the DISK and cannot be released again until the DISK recharges. This is the case with the Avengers' five partners.[2]

The DISKS are stated to possess a healing function which seems to maintain the occupant in a permanent state of good health, as Tony states that he is neither hungry nor sleepy.[2]

Along with the Biocode Installer, special wristbands were developed to be used alongside the DISKs. These wristbands appear to be the source of the holographic interface that allows communication with the individuals stored in the devices. Because the DISKs were designed as a 4th Dimension storage technology, when two of the wristbands (those of Akira and Loki) came into contact with one another, it inadvertently caused what Tony described as a Dimensional Oscillation, sucking the innumerable DISKs into a pocket dimension and then scattering them across the world.

The DISKs also possess hidden commands that presumably only Tony and Professor Akatsuki are aware of. If a hero or villain is D-Secured into a new DISK other than the one they were originally released from, the original DISK breaks.[3][4]

X-W-1-0-1-Alpha-7: By entering this command, Akira can allow Tony to unleash his Ultimate Unibeam, a blast that seemingly dwarfs the normal output of his armor.

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