When his parents and allies were about to die battling Onslaught, Franklin Richards created a pocket dimension to place them to save them from dead.[1] There the Fantastic Four and the Avengers lived reborn lives for a period of time.[2][2][2][2] Eventually, Earth's heroes were recovered and returned home.[3]

Franklin's dimension endured, but ultimately the duplicate of Earth was pulled out of that dimension and into the Earth-616 universe, where it existed opposite of the real Earth in the solar system. It became known as Counter-Earth.[4]

When Onslaught returned to get revenge against Franklin Richards, he created a new Earth in this pocket universe to escape into with its own heroes created from Franklin's imagination. These heroes assisted Franklin in defeating Onslaught once more.[5]

Later, the mysterious villain known as the Quiet Man exploited this reality, taking control of its heroes. He also turned many of its citizens into monstrous creatures and used them to attack Earth-616 in his effort to destroy the Fantastic Four.[6][7]

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