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The Dream Dimension was one of the Splinter Realms,[8] as well as an astral realm, and a dimension linked to and shaped by humanity's collective unconscious[4] (it is literally a manifestation of the collective psyche of mankind),[2] located within the Dreamtime, the collective unconsciousness of all sentient beings in the universe.[5] There, the dreams of man took on a sort of independent life of their own and were ruled by Nightmare, considered to be the dominant lifeform in that dimension.[2]

It could be accessed through dreams or astral projection.[2] It bordered both Alchera, the realm of the Aboriginal gods[5] and (for the Nightmare World ruled by Nightmare) the Astral Plane.[9] The Realm of Madness was both bordered by Nightmare World,[10] and beyond both it and the Dream Dimension.[11] Nightmare's realm was also bordered by the kingdoms of Anesthesia and Coma.[12]

Nightmare considered that the whole of the human unconscious included the World of Dreams, but also the World of Fiction.[7]


History of location is unknown.

Alternate Universes

Earth-9047 (the Humorverse)

The Living Nighty-Nightmare shared his home dimension with ugly beings, thus the location itself is called the Dimension of the Great Unshowered Ones, Realm of the Living Nighty-Nightmare.[13]


Stephen Strange Clea Lake astral plane (Earth-96173) 1

Dr. Strange & Clea in the astral planes of Earth-96173, travelling to the dream dimension

The dream dimension was known as the lower astral planes. Human dreamers visit this harmless dimension, within and beyond the material plane. However, a powerful sorcerer like Morgan le Fay can trap humans in the dream dimension and send them to the dangerous higher astral planes, from which they could not escape by themselves. When she ensnared college student Clea Lake that way, Lake fell into a coma until she was mystically rescued by Doctor Strange.[citation needed]


Emma Frost invented the Dream Machine to allow individuals' conscious access to the Dimension of Dreams. However, the designs were later stolen by Russell Tresh, who used the Dream Machine for subliminal advertising and his own gain. He was eventually stopped by Emma's students, who used the Dream Machine to trap Tresh's consciousness in the Dream Dimension.[14]

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Other instances of manifestation of human subconscious exist, including Otherworld, the subconscious of the British Isles[15] (or at least its geography is, in part, shaped by the British subconscious).[16]

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