Dimples was an overweight man who sat in a hover chair and was once a part of the Dimensional Development Court, as a personal assistant to Saturnyne. Even though he was deeply devoted and secretly in love with Saturnyne, who held no regard for him in any way what-so-ever.

When Saturnyne and her elite Avant Guard team were assigned to Earth-238 in order to push it into a higher evolutionary development Dimples volunteered to go with her to assist the team. However, as the push was nearing completion the mutant known as Mad Jim Jaspers warped reality causing the Fury to be released and attacked them. Saturnnyne was forced to abandon the project and she and the Avant Guard left Earth-238 leaving Dimples, Captain Britain and Jackdaw behind.

Minutes later Dimples and Jackdaw were both killed by the Fury.


None, Dimples relied on technology for everything he did.


Hover chair

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