The Two-Gun Kid gets a letter from his friend Bill Rainey tells him to giving him ownership of Bill's ranch in order to thwart Bret Cannon a local gunny who has been trying to take Bill's land. That night as the Kid re-reads the letter at Bill's house he is visited by Bret Cannon and his men who demand that he leave, but the Kid refuses and a fight breaks out. Forced to retreat, the Kid finds cover in the hills and drives Bret and his men away with his rifle. Returning to the ranch house, the Two-Gun Kid is met with a woman who tells the Kid for his own safety to leave while he still can before departing herself.

The next morning the Kid goes into nearby Jacktown to inform the sheriff about what happened the night before only to learn that the sheriff does not have jurisdiction outside of town and that there is no Marshal keeping law in the outlying territories. Spotting Cannon and his gang riding through town, the Kid spots the woman he met the night before among them and asks the sheriff who she is. He learns that she is Dina Martin, Bret's ward who owns ranch land in the area, and as her guardian Bret's been claiming that he has been buying up land from other ranchers on her behalf, but the sheriff suspects that she is a virtual prisoner on her own land until she comes of age. The sheriff goes on to explain that Dina is from out east and that her father bought the land but never visited it. She had a brother who ran away from home to this area and after her father had died she came out looking for him and ended up in her current predicament. The Kid then goes into the local saloon for a drink where he is confronted by another one of Cannon's men. He quickly disarms him and holds those coming into the saloon at bay with his guns until he can escape on his horse Cyclone.

Returning to Bill's ranch, he is surprised to find Dina waiting for him there. She explains that Bret has fetched the local parson to force him to marry her so he can take control of all her land. Before the Kid can do anything he is knocked out by one of Cannon's men and takes Dina. Recovering the Kid races off and intercepts the parson and explains that he is being tricked into a forced marriage. The Kid then races to the ranch to confront Bret Cannon. When Cannon threatens to shoot the Kid while using Dina as a hostage, one of his men -- Rock Mantell, whom the Kid clashed with in the saloon -- suddenly shoots his boss dead. The Kid then disarms the others, but not before Rock takes a bullet in the arm. In the aftermath of the battle, Rock explains that he is Dina's long lost brother and that they have decided to run the ranch together.[1]

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