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Alchemax proposed a project to use the Lizard Formula to engineer a healing factor for soldiers, but as Dr. Connors whereabouts were unknown they acquired custody of Stegron, who had somehow been unpetrified following his battle with Sauron,[1] was taken into custody by the F.B.I. Stegron initially agreed to assist them, but later stole $10 million in equipment and escaped with a number of test subjects and employees, who he mutated into human-dinosaur hybrids under his control.[2] Establishing a lair in the network of sewers and tunnels under New York, Stegron began abducting and mutating homeless people and animals, intending to conquer Manhattan by pouring gallons of his dinosaur serum into New York's water supply. However, Stegron was stopped by Venom and Moon Girl, and the dinosaur-people were freed from his control.[3]

Revering Venom as their savior, the dinosaur-people swore to live peacefully below-ground and adopted a hunter-gatherer model of society. Some time later, the dinosaur-people came into conflict with the Moloids, but Venom was able to prevent war from breaking out between the two subterranean communities and broker a truce.[4] Hoping to expedite research into a cure for those who wished to return to being human, Eddie Brock published an article about the community in the Fact Sheet tabloid, but that only drew the attention of Kraven the Hunter.[5] Alerting the NYPD and populace of New York to the dinosaur-peoples' presence to stir up a panic and instigate a man-hunt,[6] Kraven attempted to carry out a genocide against them but was stopped by Venom. Falling under the leadership of Tana, a pterosaur-hybrid, the dinosaur-people resolved to retreat deeper into the tunnels to further distance themselves from the surface world and live by the example set by the Moloids.[7]



Having adopted a Palaeolithic way of life, the dinosaur-people wield spears, knives, and other simple weaponry. Most, however, rely on their fangs, claws, and other natural weaponry.

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