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Dionne was a former soldier who was once stationed at Thomasville, Texas. One day, she was experimented on by the organization Green Spring after being tricked by the Abomination who usurped the identity of her father General Reginald Fortean.[1] She was turned into a gamma mutate and transformed into a mud-like creature with Green Spring giving her the name Stockpile. She was able to escape Green Spring's custody and ended up in Austin, Texas where she battled the Austin Police Department.

After witnessing new footage of Dionne's rampage, Gamma Flight teleported to Austin to help Dionne. Dionne initially mistook Gamma Flight as enforcers sent by Green Spring to recapture her and battled them. Doc Sasquatch was able to calm Dionne down and convince her that they were there to help her. When more police officers came, Gamma Flight members Puck and Absorbing Man tried to teleport away with Dionne, but their teleporter malfunctioned and left Dionne behind. Then Skaar, the son of the Hulk, appeared to bring Dionne back to Green Spring.[2]

Dionne aided Samson and Titania in fighting Skaar and was able to restrain him by wrapping her body around him. Puck and Absorbing Man eventually returned after Absorbing Man turned himself into a translocator. When Skaar focused his attention on the newly arrived United States Hulkbuster Force, Gamma Flight decided to leave, and Dionne agreed to go with him, preferring them over the Hulkbuster Force and Green Spring. They tried to teleport away through Creel, but damage done to Creel by Skaar caused a malfunction that seemingly disintegrated everyone.[3]

Dionne and Gamma Flight were transported to an astral plane-like dimension for gamma energy connected to the Below-Place. After fighting off gamma-mutated creatures and zombies, Dionne revealed that they were in Thomasville where Green Spring conducted experiments with gamma mutation that turned the citizens into zombies. They then met General Fortean's spirit who revealed that someone was using his identity to use Green Spring to create an army of gamma mutates. Then everyone was teleported to Gamma Flight's hideout by Dr. McGowan, and Dionne declared that she wanted to help Gamma Flight bring down Green Spring.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Gamma Mutation: Experiments performed on Stockpile where she was grafted tissue from Abomination transformed her into a Gamma Mutate, allowing to transform her body into a mud-like substance.[1]

  • Siza Alteration/Matter Absorption: She can grow in size by absorbing different objects and converting them into the same mud-like substance.[2]
  • Superhuman Strength: While transformed her physical strength is increased to the point where she can send large objects like cars flying and hold her own in a fight against Skaar and even make him bleed in multiple occasions.[3][4]
  • Superhuman Durability: Because her body is no longer fully solid when transformed, physical attacks typically go right through her and it is difficult to get a hold of her.[2] Conversely, she can trap opponents by engulfing them in her body.[2][3][5]

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