The man who became referred to as the "Director of Death" was a handsome and wealthy athlete who was also a stuntman who worked in Hollywood during the 1940s for the sheer thrill of it. While working on a film being produced by Grant Films Inc. in 1943, the set was rocked by an explosion that left the man horribly scarred.

While recovering in hospital, he sued the studio for negligence, but the case was thrown out of court. Driven insane by this, the man then began "directing" the death of the men who he felt were responsible for his disfigurement. He caused fires and other accidents, leading to their deaths and filmed them all. The deaths were all considered mysterious by the authorities who called in the Human Torch and Toro to investigate.

After witnessing a cameraman being dropped to his death, the Torch dismissed it as a stunt, but Toro followed after the truck leaving the scene. He was captured by the "Director" who then locked the young hero in his garage and exposed him to a poison gas, hoping the boy would use his flames that would set off the explosive gas and kill him.

By this time, the Torch had made all the connections and rushed to the "Director's" home. As the "Director" fled, the Torch freed Toro and saved him from a bomb that was set as extra insurance to kill the boy. The Torch then chased after the "Director" and his assistant. His reckless driving caused him to drive off a cliff to his death.[1]

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