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This machine included a metallic sphere connected to a wall-mounted crane. It was operated from a nearby control panel. The sphere projected a short-range bolt that could vaporize metal on touch, while leaving the floor unharmed. It was apparently lethal against human flesh, albeit its creator Doctor Doom was protected against this effect due to his armor.

Doom used this machine to attack Spider-man at his laboratory. One of Doctor Doom's Doombots grabbed Spider-man to keep him in the bolt's path. Spider-man moved so that him and his captor collided with the control panel, switching off the machine.[1]

In Other Universes[]


Disintegrator, Doombot, Peter Parker (Earth-98121) from Spider-Man Chapter One Vol 1 5

Disintegrator, Earth-98121.

In this universe, Doctor Doom also uses the (unnamed) Disintegrator -called simply "another sampling of my unparalleled genius!" and "this little whirligig"- in his first encounter with Spider-man. The bolts are described as super-hot pure plasma, and Spider-man had to wrestle with a Doombot who was trying to keep him in the bolt's path. Spider-man pushed the robot against another Doombot that he believed was the real Doom, then dodged the bolts to leave the dangerous area. In a final jump, he pushed the mock Doom against the machine's control panel on a wall. The impact switched off both the Disintegrator and the Doombot.[2]

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