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Ditmal Privat was struck by a bolt of energy from space. This bolt killed his family and gave him extensive energy based powers. The incident also motivated him to attempt to end all human exploration of space. Under the alias of Star Thief, he attempted to destroy a space flight to the moon that was being launched by Stane International. Star Thief and the New Warriors discovered the company planned to use hazardous chemicals to poison the Inhumans' city on the moon, Attilan. Star Thief and the New Warriors were saved by the Inhumans' teleporting canine Lockjaw. Star Thief, the New Warriors and the Inhumans destroyed the ship and the Inhumans offered to allow Star Thief to stay in Attilan.[1]

Star Thief was later seen on the moon when Nova and Nova 0:0 fought.[2]

Star Thief's current whereabouts since Attilan crashed to earth are unknown.


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  • Midnight Sun was given a very similar offer to stay in Attilan to regain his humanity.[3]

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