Ditto was a process server for the Law Firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. He used his shape-shifting powers to trick people when serving subpoenas. Though now a law-abiding citizen it was revealed that he had a criminal record and had spent time in prison.[1][2][3][7][8]

Ditto became roommates with Awesome Andy. They were friends until Ditto told Titania that She-Hulk might be back at work if she wasn't at the apartment. This drove Titania to attack Timely Plaza where Awesome Andy almost got killed in the process.[9][10]

Ditto was later forced to pose as Stu Cicero after the boss of GLK&H at the time, Artie Zix, seemingly killed Cicero for uncovering his identity.[6]


  • Shape-Shifting: Ditto can shape-shift into any living thing and can imitate anyone's voice.[1] The origin of these powers are unknown.
    • Plasticity: Ditto's body can shift and elongate. This appears to reduce potential damage to himself.[9][5][11]

  • When Ditto shape-shifts, he makes a "Glorp!" sound.[2][7][12]
  • Ditto has a tendency to refer to everyone as "kiddo".[3][12][13]

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