Exiles Vol 1 81 page 13 Divinity (Heroes Reborn) (Earth-616)

The origins of the creature known as Divinity remain unknown. It's possible that the creature was spawned from the mind of Franklin Richards when he created Counter-Earth or if it was brought into existence by the Dreaming Celestial.

In it's first recorded appearance it was an agent of the Dreaming Celestial and stalking around New York City searching for Ashema the Celestial responsible for helping the heroes native of Earth-616 return to their native reality. When Dr. Doom would return to Counter-Earth, Divinity would take possession of agents of SHEILD and members of the Atlan armies to invade the Baxter Building. The battle would end with Divinity's host bodies being killed by Doom's new super-agent Lancer.

Divinity would finally catch up with Ashema and battle her on the roof tops of New York City, before the creature was stopped once more by Lancer. When Doom and Lancer would travel to the midwest seeking out the Celestial tomb, Doom would be forced to fight Divinity, until he was able to fight the creature off. Seeking world domination and not caring who it sides with, Divinity would join Doom's army.

Divinity would join the other members of Doom's Generals in a coup led by Dorma, who was then under the Dreaming Celestial's control. Doom would defeat the Dreaming Celestial by driving Counter-Earth into the 616 universe. Divinity would join the others in pledging allegiance to Doom once more.

They would go to Earth where they would clash with the Fantastic Four before convincing the heroes to return with them to Counter-Earth to stop the Celestials from their continued manipulation of Counter-Earth. In the aftermath, Reed Richards would find himself trapped in Doom's armor. Divinity would be fooled into believing that Richards was Doom, however Dorma would attempt another coup, leading to the group being defeated once more and returned to Counter-Earth where they were imprisoned in the Baxter Building.

Following the capture of the Baxter Building by SHIELD, Divinity's fate remains unrevealed, however it's presumable that the creature is now in SHIELD custody.


Divinity is a sentient, ink-like creature who can assume mental command of another being by engulfing it with his own mass, gradually draining the subject's life force as he remains in contact. He seems generally immune to physical harm.


Cannot remain without a host body for any significant amount of time. Similarly to his comrade Technarx, Divinity also possesses a weakness to flame that causes him to lose a grip on his current host and be rendered temporarily stunned.

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