Dizzy Daze was a jewel thief who was active during the 1940s. He used many trick devices in order to commit his crimes. In 1949, he robbed Spiffany's jewelers of the worlds largest emerald, using his various gadgets to escape. After a series of successful crimes, he decided to focus his talents on defeating the Human Torch and Sun Girl and used his auto-gyro plane to issue a sky-banner challenge, attracting the heroes.

Dousing the Torch's flames and holding Sun Girl suspended in the sky with a specially made magnet, Dizzy Daze forced the Torch to collect a million dollar ransom for the emerald from Spiffany's and deliver it to him. The Torch returned with a check for a million dollars, but after delivering it burned it, telling Dizzy he had to lived up to his promise.

Dizzy, then released Sun Girl and left her to fall to her death but the Torch saved her life. The Torch then destroyed Dizzy's ship and sent Daze and his henchman crashing into a nearby lake where they were apprehended by the authorities.[1]

Dizzy's subsequent fate is unknown.


Dizzy used a number of trick gadgets including a cane with a hidden grabbing function, a "helicopter hat" with a propeller that could lift him into the air, air compressors in the soles of his shoes.


Dizzy flew an auto-gyro that also contained a water supply for dousing the Torch's flames, a grabbing net, and a specially made magnet that could suspend human beings in the air.

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