Dmitri Smerdyakov a.k.a. the Chameleon was hired by a competitor of Oscorp, who contracted him to disguise himself as Norman Osborn and steal the company's secrets, though it wasn't revealed it was him until much later.

The Chameleon is then hired by an unnamed general to steal the alien symbiote, disguised as Dr. Curt Connors but failed due to a fight between Spider-Man and the Black Cat. Later. He then decides to masquerade as Spider-Man to commit various crimes and lay the blame on the real Spider-Man.

His crew consisted of Quentin Beck, a special effects expert that uses his technology to make it appear that Chameleon has all of Spider-Man's powers, and Phineas Mason who uses his inventions to help commit the crimes and secretly photograph them and give the pictures to the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man with the help of Black Cat defeated the trio on a party where they tried to rob New York City rich and powerful.[1]

Later when Spider-Man was fighting the Green Goblin on the rooftops, Norman Osborn and his son Harry Osborn watch from helicopter. When Spider-Man rips off the Goblin's mask it turns out to be Norman Osborn. The Norman in the helicopter tells Harry it's an impostor, but Harry remembers that Norman said he was sorry to Spider-Man early that night. This was a clue to his identity as Norman Osborn never says sorry.

Harry rips his face and the mask comes off revealing it to be the Chameleon all along. Chameleon then jumps out of the helicopter with a parachute after saying "I did not sign on for this."[2]




Seemingly those of Dmitri Smerdyakov of Earth-616.

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