While riding through Smokey Mountain, Tex Taylor comes to the aid of Doc Carter who is almost sent over the edge of a cliff by his wild running horse. Carter explains that he was driven off by Pete Dalton and his gang when he tried to stop them from harassing Blind Charlie, a blind prospector who was able to find a gold mine with the help of his seeing eye dog Wolf. Tex agrees to ride into town and help Carter and Charlie deal with Dalton and his gang.

In town at the local saloon, Charlie is paying for his lunch and turns down the saloon owners offer to help him register the mine, Charlie telling him that he is waiting for the most honest person to show the location to. The saloon owner reports to Dalton who tells him that they must learn the location of the mine at all costs but under no circumstance does the dog get harmed.

When Tex and the Doc arrive in town they are confronted by Dalton's men, and Tex warns them that he is going after their boss. Overhearing this Dalton orders his men in the saloon to get ready. Tex bursts in with guns blazing but during the confrontation Dalton escapes. He learns from one of the survivors that the fight was a distraction while Dalton forced Charlie and Wolf to lead him to the mine.

As Wolf seemingly leads Charlie and Dalton's gang to the location of the mine, Tex and the Doc gather a posse to follow their trail. When they reach the supposed location of the gold, Dalton suddenly realized that Wolf had led them on a wild goose chase. Before he can gun down Blind Charlie, Wolf attacks him and mauls him to death. Before the rest of the gang can do anything about the situation, Tex and the posse arrive and gun down the rest of the gang before learning that Wolf led Dalton and his men in the wrong direction on purpose.



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