Doc Jaw was born from the Inhumans' experimentation on canines, her mother had been brought to Attilan as a puppy and experimented on by the Surgeon Supreme. She was impregnated by her own cloned genetic material and gestated 5 puppies with the purpose of performing terrigenesis in the womb. Lockjaw was successfully mutated, while his siblings were not, and before the Surgeon could remove them from the womb for further experimentation he teleported his siblings to four different locations. Doc Jaw was teleported to Larval Earth, a dimension populated by humanoid animals.[1]

The exposure to the "Anthropomorphic Field" of this dimension caused Doc Jaw to grow into a humanoid dog with the ability to speak. Doc Jaw was then taken in by Mooster Fantastic and educated into becoming an accomplished scientist in her own right.[2]

After nearly being kidnapped by Annihilus, who wanted to use her genetic potential for teleportation to help take over the Multiverse, Doc Jaw summoned her brother Lockjaw and recruited him and D-Man to fight Annihilus and save their other brother who had already been kidnapped.[3]


Extended Longevity While Doc Jaw apparently did not gain the same powers as her brother, her exposure to Terrigen did give her a much longer lifespan than the average dog, being already thirty years old when she first appears.[4]

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