Quote1 Doc was an idealist, I think... And an athlete... He wanted to be Los Angeles's own Captain America... Quote2
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Not much is known about Doc Justice up to the time when he created the J-Team under the alias Justice, except that he came from a wealthy family with a chain of steakhouses.

During the first period as a team, back in the 1970s, everything was working alright for Doc and, at some point, Justice and Princess Justice even got married and had a child, Matthew, but bad luck came eventually: Princess Justice and Mr. Swift died (in separate incidents), leading the other members of the team to quit, thus ending the J-Team.[1]

Doc Justice (Earth-616) and Sarah Jo (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 5 29 001

First wedding

After almost ten years, now wearing a helmet and calling himself Doc Justice, he revived the team and, this time, it lasted for decades, with the line-up constantly changing throughout the years, even having incarnations without Doc Justice at the helm (this Doc Justice, at least).

The last incarnation was active in the early 2000s and they helped evacuate Scott Building when Victor Mancha was supposedly three years old, leading the later to remember them even years after their final mission, which unfortunately would be six months later, during an undisclosed tragedy.[3]

Meeting the Runaways

A long time had passed before Doc Justice appeared during a battle between some henchmen of Madame Masque and Runaways' members, Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru. He told the lackeys that if they didn't let the girls go they would have to deal with him.[4]

Doc Justice made quick work of the goons, leading them to run away from the scene. Doc then took off his helmet and introduced himself to the two young heroes, revealing to them that he had been chasing down their parents, the Pride, for years. He said he was proud of the two of them and handed them a card so they'd be able to contact him in case they ever needed help.[2]

Runaways (Earth-616) and Doc Justice (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 5 28 001

The Runaways soon needed Doc's help when the Hostel was destroyed by construction workers and they were left without a place to live. Doc gladly took them in and, in addition to that, he started training them and taking them on missions. Everyone was having the time of their lives except for Gert, who was left out of the missions and was starting to grow suspicious of the Doc's intentions.[5]

After going deep into the J-Team's files and history, she discovered that Doc had been killing kids on "heroic assignments" for years to boost his fame and prevent the citizens of LA from losing interest in the team... And he was about to do it again!![6]

The rest of the Runaways had left on a night mission to engage Ashley Pearson, a former member of the J-Team who, unbeknownst to all (with the exception of Doc), had the power to absorb solar power. When Karolina faced Ashley, she inadvertently started absorbing her powers, which was Doc's plan all along. Luckily, Gert managed to make it to the place in time, alongside Matthew and Old Lace, and knocked Ashley out.[7]

Doc proceeded to try to kill Karolina by himself and despite the entire team's efforts, he was almost successful... When everything seemed lost, Victor Mancha showed up to confront his idol and before fully accepting Doc's hidden agenda, Old Lace jumped from behind and ended the conflict. In the end, Doc's life was itself a sacrifice so that a dying Gib could have a sacrificial human soul necessary for his survival.[8]


  • Doc Justice wass an exceptional athlete.[1]


J-Team Costume



  • Doc Justice was sixteen when he formed the J-Team, and was called simply "Justice." They formed almost fifty years before 2019, making Doc Justice a man in his mid-sixties.[1]

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