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  • Agent Branson (Only appearance)[1]
  • Agent Lewis (Only appearance)[1]
  • Agent Eisely (Only appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Doctor Fielding (mentioned but not seen)


Synopsis for "Adventure the Third: Matters of Trust"

Aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, as Agent Khanata recounts the story as he understands it to Doc Samson: Scorpion (Carmilla Black) came out of nowhere and abushed agents Lewis and Branson. (She is shown quickly disarming Lewis, then grasping Branson's throat as she takes his rifle.) Two co-workers (Agents Eisely and Nagayoshi) heard the commotion and tried to help, but their arrival only angered her. Scorpion is then shown hurling Branson at Eisely, then shooting at Nagayoshi, who had ducked. Khanata reminds Doc that these were all members of the Tech Directorate, the division holed up in labs all day making weapons and paraphernalia: they never had a chance. The entire affair lasted minutes before the security detail burst in and, according to reports, took Scorpion into custody before she could do any more damage.

As Khanata finishes, Samson starts asking questions. Khanata confirms that Black is one of his agents (his best unofficial operative, though if Samson ever tells her that he'll deny it), and he has no idea why she would attack four operatives, especially not Nagayoshi, who has been assigned to several missions with her. Nagayoshi is in a coma now, and the other three agents claim that three caught her trying to copy some top secret specs, presumably for sale on the black market. They surprised her, and a fight broke out. As for the big question, does Khanata believe that, Khanata just can't be sure. She's a loose cannon, and even if she's innocent, a lot of the top brass would be glad to be rid of her. So far she's been her usual stubborn self and refused to even talk about it. That's where Doc Samson comes in.

Later, in a debriefing room, Doc introduces himself to Carmilla. Aside from a brief exchange on green hair, Carmilla's first thought is to ask why Doc came in unarmed; Carmilla is handcuffed and there's a lock on her gauntlet keeping her from using her "stinger", but everyone still has an armed guard. Doc says that he knows how to handle himself. Carmilla remains fairly uncooperative until talk turns to Agent Nagayoshi. After a little prodding, Carmilla finally snaps and yells "this isn't about Nagayoshi, dammit!" When debriefed by Khanata, Doc is at least able to say it's definitely about Nagayoshi. Maybe she feels guilty over what happened. Maybe he was dirty and she's covering for him. Khanata begins to tell Samson that he doubts Nagayoshi went rogue, but interrupted when another agent comes in to inform the pair of a change in his condition.

Somberly, Doc walks back into the interrogation chamber to inform Carmilla that Nagayoshi is dead. Carmilla is furious, and ultimately "knocks out" Samson to get out of the room. Once she's gone, he stops playing possum and reunites with Khanata. Khanata has another agent electronically tracking Carmilla, who is heading towards the Section 42 (the Tech Directorate). Elsewhere, Eisely, Lewis, and Branson survey a video feed and see that Carmilla is loose.

Following close behind Scorpion, Khanata tells Samson that he's kept the "trigger-happy grunts" (security) off for the time being, but this little ploy better get them to the truth soon. Samson's just happy Carmilla is headed in the right direction: the fact that she's headed for the Tech Directorate shows she's got a score to settle with the other technicians. If she were guilty, she would try to get as far away as possible, probably by stealing something from the hangar bay. No sooner is that said than Khanata is informed that she's heading for the hangar bay.

By the time Samson and Khanata get to the bay, Scorpion and the three technicians are already fighting. Lewis takes a shot at her, but only succeeds in blasting through her cuffs. When Khanata orders them all to stand down, Eisely takes a shot at him. Doc Samson blocks the shot, but Eisely keeps firing (finally getting pretty desperate). After Scorpion takes out Lewis she accuses the three of conspiracy and Nagayoshi's murder. Eisely denies everything, and continues to claim that he caught Scorpion stealing technology for AIM. Moving to confront Eisely, Scorpion says that Nagayoshi brought her information on how the three wanted him to join them in selling S.H.I.E.L.D. technology on the black market. He pretended to go along with it so Carmilla could move in and catch all four in the act, allowing Nagayoshi to clear his name later. However, during the ensuing fight, one of Eisely's shots went wild and hit Nagayoshi. Eisely confesses to everything once Carmilla threatens to burn his face off.

Branson then tries to excape via one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s flying cars. Doc dives out of the hangar behind it, landing on the roof before Branson can fully switch the vehicle to flight mode. Doc tears the roof off and moves Branson to the passenger seat so he can fly it back to the Helicarrier. Unsurprisingly, Branson does not fight back.

Later, as the three are led away in 'cuffs, Khanata tells Carmilla he's disappointed in her. She could have at least come to him about the corruption in the Tech Directorate. Carmilla tells him she didn't know how far up the corruption went. Besides, it's a bit hypocritical for Khanata to lecture on trust when everyone on the Helicarrier was ready to assume she had gone over to AIM. Samson points out that Khanata was her biggest supporter through the whole affair, and that the both need to rely a little more on basic trust. As things wrap up, Khanata asks how Carmilla intended to burn Eisely's face off without the use of her stinger (which is still locked behind her gauntlet). Carmilla admits it was all just a bluff, which reminds Samson of another recent bluff....

Later in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s sick bay, Nagayoshi is shown to be resting comfortably and assuring Carmilla that he'll be just fine. In good humor, Carmilla has to ask "so all that stuff about honesty and trust... that doesn't apply to you?"

"Call it... psychiatric license."


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A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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