Doctor Botan was a brilliant, but mad, scientist who was active in the 1940s. He began experiments to combine animal and plant life and was soon discredited in the field of science due to his mad devotion and eventually blacklisted and forced into seclusion near Camp Lehigh where he continued his ghastly experiments in secret. He succeeded in combining animal and plants together into a hybrid species. His biggest success as an experiment called Number 19, a former blacksmith whose body was replaced with 75% plant matter.

In the fall of 1944, two American soldiers stationed at Camp Leigh stumbled into Dr. Botan's property while participating in war games and got lost from their unit. The pair were then attacked by Botan's animated plants; one was killed and the other rendered unconscious and taken to his lab for experimentation.

The soldiers screams attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky who went to investigate the source of the screams. Attacking Dr. Botan and Number 19, both heroes were knocked out and taken prisoner as well. When Bucky revived, Botan had the boy strapped to an operating table where he explained his plan and almost succeeded in making Bucky his next victim when Captain America regained consciousness.

Cap knocked out Dr. Botan and then fought off Number 19, knocking over a vat of volatile chemicals, starting a fire. As the fire spread, Cap helped Bucky and the captured soldier escape while Botan and his creations seemingly burned alive in the fire.[1]




Botan was a brilliant scientist who create a serum that made it possible to combine animal and plant life and create a hybrid species that was fusion of the two. He created humans with mostly plant bio-systems, and plants that could move, and bleed animal blood when cut.

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