Quote1 You know, I just never get tired of having my credentials questioned. Gives me a warm, squishy feeling all over. Quote2
-- Doctor Castillo src

Doctor Castillo works as a medical doctor specializing in metahumans, mutants, and other superhumans. She maintains a low profile and operates in New York City. She has worked with Spider-Man, Madrox the Multiple Man, and X-Factor Investigations.

Doctor Castillo has helped X-Factor Investigations with patching up Siryn after she was nearly beaten to death,[1] performing a prenatal work up on Wolfsbane and her unborn baby,[2] and treating Strong Guy at Saint Vincent's Hospital after he was shot in the chest by Ballistique.[3]



  • Medical doctorate degree and licensing with specialties in metahumans, mutants, and other superhumans.

Strength level


  • Prescription glasses


Doctor Castillo's Pet Shampoo Van from X-Factor Vol 3 6 0001

Castillo Pet Shampoo van

  • "Castillo Pet Shampoo" van

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