Doctor Colosso was a travelling medicine man and leader of a gang of bank robbers who was active in the 1940s. He travelled from town to town hawking a cheap medicine with the dubious claim it would enhance strength and put on puppet shows with marionettes. While the locals were distracted by the show, he then sent a number of his men to rob the local bank. These men all had dwarfism and disguised themselves as the marionettes after the crimes were committed to avoid suspicions. However, despite his elaborate plan, Dr. Colosso's crimes had attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky who began investigating him in 1945, just prior to their wartime disappearance.

When arriving in the next town, Captain America and Bucky were too late to stop Colosso's men from robbing the bank. Later, when confronting Colosso, who was at the carnival the whole time of the robbery, Cap and Bucky were forced to let him go. However, when Cap spotted one of the marionettes wrinkling its nose at a buzzing fly, he suspected the truth and the two heroes followed Colosso to the next town. There they caught Colosso's men leaving out the false bottom of his truck and knocked them out. Cap the began battling Dr. Colosso on the roof of his speeding truck. When Colosso attempted to throw Cap from a bridge, Cap turned the tide of battle and knocked Colosso off himself sending him falling to his death, and his truck then crashed in a fiery explosion.[1]

Presumably, Colosso's surviving accomplices were arrested.

Strength level

Superhuman strength[2]


Strength Formula[2]

Other similar "Super-Soldier Serum" criminals: Silas Cragg[[1]] and Doctor Klutch[[2]].

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