Doctor Corbin was an American scientist in the 1940s who had created a massive artificial man, standing ten feet tall. The only problem was that Corbin had no way to create an artificial brain in order to bring his creation to life. The doctor decided that he would need to use a real brain instead, becoming inspired upon hearing of the impending execution of mobster, Dacio. Corbin made arrangements to acquire Dacio's body after his hanging and soon completed his masterpiece using the brain of the deceased criminal. Once the doctor energized the being's body and it came to life, however, Dacio refused to listen to him, instead storming out of the scientist's lab.

Dacio soon encountered the Sub-Mariner, but was able to overpower him thanks to his new body. Namor, having seen Doctor Corbin leaving with Dacio's body after the execution, decides to pay the doctor a visit to get the whole story behind Dacio's seeming resurrection and enhancement. Corbin shared the details of his work with Namor, but suggested that the two just wait out Dacio, as his new body required periodic applications of new artificial skin in order to survive. Sure enough, before long Dacio notices that his new form has begun to wither away and decides to seek out Corbin, figuring that the doctor would know how to fix him. At the lab, Dacio again overpowered the Sub-Mariner and revitalized himself with more artificial skin before threatening the doctor to provide him with the formula to create the skin he needs to survive.

When the Sub-Mariner came too, he again attacks Dacio, knocking him into the ocean. He quickly learns that Dacio can't swim and is afraid of the water, so he ties a rusted anchor to the behemoth and dragged him out to sea, drowning him. Corbin thanked the Sub-Mariner for his assistance and vowed to stay away from creating any more artificial beings. Namor, however, encouraged the doctor to keep at his work, just advising him to stay away from using the brains of criminals in the future.[1]

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