Doctor Demise was a brilliant but unethical plastic surgeon who was active during the 1940s. In her push to advance her medical skills she often went onto human trials before getting permission from the Medical Association. Her experiments were discovered by the Blonde Phantom and private detective Mark Mason. She had her medical license revoked and was sent to prison where she befriended fellow inmate Dora Scott.

In 1948 both Demise and Scott were released from prison and Demise began plotting to get revenge against both Mason and the Blonde Phantom. To this end she performed plastic surgery on Dora to make her resemble the Blonde Phantom, then used hypnosis to convince Scott to go out, dressed as the heroine, and shoot a random person in the street. When the real Blonde Phantom came to Demise's home to investigate, the doctor used her hypnosis to put the Blonde Phantom to sleep. She then sent out the phony Blonde Phantom out to lure Mark Mason to her home. Using her hypnotic powers she brought Mark Mason to Washington Square Park to shoot a police officer. However, before Mark could shoot the real Blonde Phantom attacked. Easily besting her impostor. Unable to brink himself to shoot the love of his life, Mark snapped out of the hypnosis and easily subdued Dr. Demise.[1]

Both Demise and Scott were turned over to the authorities, their subsequent fates are unknown.


Dr. Demise is a brilliant and skill doctor of medicine and plastic surgeon. She also is skilled in hypnosis and is able to put her victims in a trance. This appears to be a learned ability as opposed to a super-human power. Those with strong wills can break her hypnotic commands.


Dr. Demise carried a gun.

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